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Located in the south of the country, Cork is the second most popular city in Ireland (but don’t say that to Corkonians). This county is home to world famous attractions such as the Blarney Stone, located in the Barney Castle, the fishing village of Kinsale, the beaches of Robert’s Cove, Rocky Bay and Garretstown. 

Cork is the perfect city live, study and look for a job.

More importantly the locals (colloquially known as ‘Corkonians’) are known for being welcoming, social and proud of their cultural heritage, apart from the great pride of being Munster Rugby fans.

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Live in Cork: the second most popular city in Ireland

Although Cork is relatively small with just over 190,000 inhabitants, it’s compact size is one of its strengths: it’s easy to get around on foot, the stories about Corkonians being friendly is 100% true (go shopping or have a coffee in the English market and you’ll see!) and, since there is no chaos caused by usual traffic in big cities, all the stress that comes with that is missing. The pub scene is amazing and boasts respectable beers such as Beamish and Murphy’s.

Work in Cork

Cork, above all, is the best city to work in as it is host to many multinational companies looking for talent such as Apple, Trendmicro, EMC Dell, VoxPro, Starwood, Amazon and Malwarebytes. Other places such as hotels and restaurants are constantly looking for staff. Deciding to move abroad to study in Cork is also a great opportunity for people wanting to improve their English skills. 

Study in Cork

Many students, from all over the world come to study in Cork with the aim of learning and improving their knowledge of the English language. Ireland in general is an excellent location to learn English for many reasons, for instance it’s cheaper than England, and you’re sure to live a unique experience in the vibrant Emerald Isle!

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