Working with us is fun because, at heart, we’re BIG on family!

As a fast-growing and ambitious company whose goal is to become the world’s #1 ‘live abroad agency’, we’re always on the lookout for adventurous, fun-loving, hard-working and utterly brilliant people to join our team!

Reasons to work with us:

With a team of over 40 people working across our international offices, there are lots of great reasons why adventurous, open-minded people – people just like you –are choosing to join ‘Team EazyCity’. Here are 3 of the best:
  1. Every member of our team has travelled (or is currently travelling), which means we all have the same outlook, adventurous spirit, and desire to help make travel easier for others.
  2. Because we consider ourselves a second family for our clients while they live abroad, that same family ethos applies in the workplace; in other words, we all look out for each other so that we get the most from our working days!
  3. As a young company with young employees and a mission to help young at heart travellers, we’re a dynamic, fast-moving, forward-thinking organisation that offers great career advancement opportunities for ambitious people.

Current roles available

If you’d like to help young at heart travellers to experience the excitement of living abroad, AND at the same time, become part of a dynamic, fun company with BIG growth plans, check out the roles we’re currently recruiting for, from the list below:

What positions and skills are we looking for?

As a growing organisation with multiple offices delivering a range of services, we have 5 different departments. Because each of these has very different roles and functions, we are always looking for great people with incredibly diverse skillsets and qualifications:

Study & Work Advisors

Pointing you in the right direction to ensure you get the best results, is a big responsibility. But because our advisors are extremely outgoing, super-dynamic, 100% customer focused and highly self- motivated, it’s one they take very seriously.


The key traits of our marketing team are positivity, open to change, strategic and, erm, not averse to a little bit of chaos. But sure, hey…isn’t that what makes marketing exciting, after all?

Welcome Team

Our welcome team liaise directly with our customers who, are arriving in a new country for a life-changing experience. As a result, the key skills required are patience, compassion, empathy and – most importantly – a willingness to go the extra mile.

Group Coordinators

Group travel is all about delivering more for less. In other words, our group coordinators are experts at using their network of contacts to give groups the best possible value possible at the lowest possible cost.


Like any good operations team, our ops guys help to keep the ship headed in the right direction. They are the eyes and ears of our organisation – the ones who see problems before they even arise!


  • “I am currently completing my internship at EazyCity, I am learning a lot!

    First there is a human part: we are close to the client, the office is full of different nationalities and cultures, the ambiance makes work easier. Second a practical side: the company is young and open minded;all ideas are welcome, we develop strong communication and we are independent.

    All these points make me appreciate my internship and I know they will be useful for my future career development.”

    Marie-Jeanne, Study and Work Advisor

  • “After I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Economics in Spain, I tried to look for a job there but the job market was quite bad and most of the jobs were asking for previous experience. EazyCity gave me the opportunity of starting my professional career in a field related to my studies. It was a life-changing experience and after my internship, I decided to stay in Cork and now I’m working as a full- time employee as an Accounts Administrator.”

    Beatriz, Finance Department

  • “My work experience with EazyCity has completely changed my career path. With the support from the EazyCity team I figured out that social media and content marketing is my calling. I was able to apply all my passion and skills into practice.Every day brought something new and exciting, it was definitely a great learning experience. And now I’m a permanent part of the team!”

    Margaret, Marketing Assistant

Come to work with us!

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